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Brand: Atlacoll Model: 26245500
Odourless, transparent wood glue in the form of a paste, fast setting. Ideal for collage, wood, cork, paper and ceramic Tele. It is very easy to apply with a brush and does not come off. It is also used for mixing pigment colors or as a base coat for acrylic painting.Packaging container 500 gr...
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Atlacoll 500gr Multipurpose Glue No 66
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Brand: Atlacoll Model: 26266500
Atlacoll No 66 is a white water-soluble general purpose glue. It is suitable for wood, plywood, novopan, formica, MDF, harborboard, cardboard, cardboard boxes, styrofoam, cork plasterboard, etc.It is easy to apply, spreads wonderfully and stands out for its strong adhesive power.It has good plastici..
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