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Brand: Carioca Model: CA042094
• 20 m x 5 mm• Covering and immediately rewritable• Ideal for all types of paper..
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Brand: Carioca Model: CA042173
Easy  to use Does not dry Does  not shrink and can be used multiple times Mixable  colours Gluten  free..
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Carioca Plasty 12 Colours 150gr
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Brand: Carioca Model: CA042691
Easy to use Does not dry Does not shrink and can be used multiple times Mixable colours Gluten free..
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Brand: Carioca Model: CA045219
Carioca Acrylic MarkersHigh-Quality Acrylic Marker with Exceptional Ink Flow for Outstanding Performance on Various Surfaces.• Box with 18 acrylic markers• Super pigmented acrylic ink• Writes on all surfaces• Ø 2mm tip that activates easily and doesnt dry out in the air• Light-resistant colorsEUH211..
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