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Brand: Djeco Model: DJ008992
Detailed descriptionContents: 3 thick animal-shaped card whiteboards (19.5 x 26 cm), 3 liquid chalk pens (green, orange and blue), 1 cloth and 1 step-by-step instructions booklet...
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Brand: Djeco Model: DJ009293
Detailed descriptionHere is a very complete set by Djeco offering 6 creative activities and many projects on the theme of animals and their house: collage, coloring, mosaics, cutting, assembly, decals. There is something for everyone! Hours of manual activities to discover different creative techniq..
Ex Tax:32.90€
Brand: Djeco Model: DJ009476
Detailed descriptionDiscover the Artistic Color Egypt box by Djeco, a creative coloring box on the theme of pharaohs. Your children will make 4 magnificent cards with golden outlines for a magnificent finish. Thanks to the felt-tip brushes provided in the set, the child colors the 4 sketches embelli..
Ex Tax:17.50€
Brand: Djeco Model: DJ009873
Αναλυτική περιγραφήΜε το σετ χειροτεχνίας “Το πρώτο μου κολάζ” της εταιρείας Djeco, οι μικροί μας φίλοι μπορούν να κάνουν τα πρώτα τους βήματα στον φανταστικό κόσμο της τέχνης! Τα παιδιά συνθέτουν εικόνες με γλυκά ζωάκια χρησιμοποιώντας μεγάλα προκομμένα σχήματα για να τα πιάνουν εύκολα τα μικρά χερ..
Ex Tax:17.50€
Brand: Djeco Model: DJ008658
Djeco Coloured sand Art By Numbers Skateboard..
Ex Tax:16.90€
Brand: Djeco Model: DJ008741
Detailed descriptionA box of stamps and cards by Djeco in which children can assemble their own characters by combining shapes and different colors to create pretty floral outfits. The child has fun modifying the combinations and at the same time letting his imagination run wild. Always different, t..
Ex Tax:18.50€
Brand: Djeco Model: DJ008618
Djeco For older children - Workshops Coloured jungle..
Ex Tax:17.50€
Brand: Djeco Model: DJ009877
Detailed descriptionA collage kit by Djeco specially designed for ages 3 to 6. A gluing activity to create a delicious little scene to pose. Children glue the flat pieces together and overlay them to create depth. Contents: 5 illustrated and pre-cut, thick cards with white edges, (20 x 20 cm), 1 tub..
Ex Tax:14.95€
Brand: Djeco Model: DJ009719
Detailed descriptionChildren will adore scratching with a stick to reveal the 4 enchanting fantasy gardens. Children dream themselves when exposing the pictures through the wooden stick into a fantasy world The extraordinary motifs are designed by exclusive designers. Each of the 4 designs will have..
Ex Tax:6.90€
Brand: Djeco Model: DJ009897
Detailed descriptionGet ready to create a family of friends to play with. This painting kit contains three great characters to colour in. Once the protective tablecloth is down, children use the paintbrush to paint features on all the pieces. When the pieces are dry, they assemble them using the fas..
Ex Tax:24.00€
Brand: Djeco Model: DJ009289
Djeco Tracing is an art..
Ex Tax:22.00€
Brand: Djeco Model: DJ008988
Djeco Wax crayons creative set..
Ex Tax:18.50€
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