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Pebeo Gedeo Moulding Alginate

Pebeo Gedeo Moulding Alginate
Pebeo Gedeo Moulding Alginate
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Natural seaweed-based powder for casting large, soft or delicate items or human body parts. For experienced and amateur adult users


Quality: Professional
Based: Not applicable
Target: 5+, 7+, 12+, Collectivity, Adult, Student, Amateur beginner, Confirmed amateur
Format: 500 g


For easy and successful creations, first choose your decorative idea, then the Gédéo molding material and finally the method of attachment.


  1. Choose a pattern (size and thickness) according to your decorative idea.
  2. Set up in a dry, ventilated and temperate area, on a horizontal and level work surface.
  3. Evaluate the total quantity of product to be poured: measure the necessary volume by filling the chosen pattern with water and then pour into a measuring cup.
  4. Prepare the chosen product according to the user's guide.
  5. Pour the product into the clean and dry mold.
  6. Allow to dry according to the time indicated in the user's guide of the chosen product. (Setting is progressive and variable depending on the ambient temperature).
  7. Remove from mold.